Thirdlight - Southampton Football Club

Third Light is a global software company that simplifies how businesses manage their digital files.

With over 500 brands relying on its intuitive media library, it serves a diverse customer base: from BAFTA and The University of Oxford to NATO, ITV and NASCAR.

“LJP Films created the wow
effect we were looking for. We
didn’t want just another corporate
video of the customer talking about
our product — we wanted to share
their story and their journey and
that’s what we got.”
— Vanessa Daly, Senior Marketing Executive, Third Light

Although the videos (at time of publication) have only been live for a couple of months, the results are significant.

  • The case studies page is now in the top five most visited pages of the website for lead generation.

  • Videos achieved highest click-through rate for any piece of newsletter content to date (31.6% for the two videos).

  • Videos helping drive steady increase in followers on LinkedIn.

“Everyone has been: ‘oh wow that’s
amazing’, not just clients but our
staff, too. It’s incredibly motivating
to see how much our product and
customer service are valued.

“Our company values are built
on openness and transparency
and LJP Films really get that and
align with it. I’ve been amazed at
how receptive our customers are to
sharing their feedback with us. The
tact and flexibility LJP Films have
demonstrated while working with
them has been a big part of that.”
— Vanessa Daly, Senior Marketing Executive, Third Light